Søværnets Operative Kommando (SOK’s) Hundeskov

Hundeskoven - the largest listing of dog walks across Denmark - Marselisborgskoven is a newly built dog forest opened in May 2018.

This newly built dog forest opened in May 2018 in Marselisborgskoven.

The dog forest is located in the Navy Operative Command (SOK)’s former area. The area is 20,000 m2 – which corresponds to 2 hectares or the size of almost 3 football pitches. The area is fenced and there are several self closing doors.

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Oddervej 20, 8000, Aarhus
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Size of area in hectares: 2 Number of parking spaces: 10 Responsibilty: Aarhus Municipality Fence for puppies and small dogs: No. Toilet: No Water for the dog: No. Scrap bins: No. Agility courses: No. Benches / tables: No. Wet area: No. Wheelchair suitable: No Suitable for walking difficulties: No